Kiddie University’s Class Program and Curriculum:


Infants from 6 weeks to 10 months will grow and express their needs on their schedule.  Our primary goal for the infant is to create an environment where babies are nurtured and loved.  Our teachers in the infant room focus on individual attention and meeting your baby’s needs. They are trained to help your infant achieve developmental goals by singing, music, and motor skill activities. Age appropriate and developmental toys are displayed in the classroom and nurturing teachers are very knowledgeable.


Our waddler room is from 10 months to 15months. This is the age when children are more mobile so we want them to explore the world in their own environment that is safe for all children.  We have a playground area for this group that allows them to slide and climb and use their motor skills.  We also transition the children (at their own pace) but encourage the use of sippy cups at meals and have them sit at a table sized perfect for their little legs.  Our waddler program is designed to maintain the balance between a waddler’s need for independent exploration and caregivers support


This age is 16 months to 24 months. At this stage of development children are building self-confidence and language skills.  Our activities are planned weekly and by themes to teach them the world around them.  Toddlers produce art activities and are introduced to a structured environment. The teachers in the class focus on language development, modeling good health practices and food habits.  Daily sheets are sent home to inform parents of any changes or exciting adventures that their child had during the day.


Our two year old classroom is busy learning language development and play becomes more social and interactive.  Potty training is also introduced at this age. Children will learn to recognize when they need to go potty, how to manipulate their clothes, and how to clean up after themselves. We continue the development of gross motor skills and begin a heavier concentration on fine motor skills. Children will use scissors, crayons, and paint brushes.


We introduce the children with skills that are needed for the Kindergarten level by development of fine and gross motor skills, increase in vocabulary and communication skills, pre-writing activities and math and science concepts are more experimental.

School Age

We provide care for children that attend elementary school from ages 5-10 years. We provide a morning and afternoon care and full time care over the summer.  We transport to the following schools, Dillard Drive, Yates Mill, Swift Creek and AB Combs.


Creative Curriculum:

The creative Curriculum for early childhood emphasizes that relationship between caregiver and children and families are the focus of the curriculum for very young children.  It is based on accepted theories and child development and latest research on the importance of early learning and the development of the brain.  It builds on the Erikson’s stages of socio-emotional development, Jean Pigets theories of how children think and learn principles of physical development, and appreciation of cultural influences. The curriculum encourages both autonomy and self-control.  Children learn to handle their feelings in an acceptable, socially appropriate way.

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