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Are separate spaces available for the different age groups?

Yes each class is individual and Kiddie University has two separate play areas that each class has their own designated times to play outside. top

Do you provide food?

Yes all our meals are served on site. We serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Meals are served with whole or 2% milk and snacks with a 100%fruit juice. top

Does the center encourage parents to drop in and visit anytime?

Yes we have an open door policy and encourage families to participate in our program. top


Monday through Friday 6:30am-6pm top

How many stars is Kiddie University?

5 star center with an average score from our recent assessments of a 5.92 out of 7 top

Is the schedule of daily activities posted and current?

All classrooms have a parent board, on the board posted will be a copy of the lesson plan for the week, the schedule/ routines for each day, the monthly menu, our allergy list and ratio’s. top

Is there a method of communication between childcare providers and parents?

Yes, we provide daily sheets for our infant, toddlers and twos. Our older classrooms will offer conferences as needed. A monthly newsletter is also created to update all families about upcoming events at the center. top

What is Kiddie University’s sick policy?

When a child becomes sick we will call the parent if the child has had vomiting, diarrhea or has a fever. We will keep the child away from the other children in the class and call and ask that you are here to pick up your child with in 1 hour. Once child is picked up they cannot return to the center until they are 24 hours symptom free. top

What kind of security measures are in place to assure the safety of the children

All our doors are locked from the outside and each parent gets a key fob to open the doors. We have cameras in all classrooms and outside areas. Internet viewing in an option top

What training do your teachers have?

All teachers must have CPR/FA and college credit hours in early childhood development and have or working on a degree in the field. Our teachers of infants, toddlers and twos must have SIDS training. top
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